Nay San and his wife donate 88 bags of Paw hsan hmwe Rice and 125 boxes of lunch to train staff

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Nowadays, it can be seen that artists who are firmly established in the art world are playing a role in the current situation.

Actor Nay San also has lovely children in a happy and peaceful family life. Nay San and his wife also run a Burmese restaurant called “New Chit Te” and sell it cheaply to suit all classes of people. It is always selling well because of the large number of customers at Nay San’s restaurant. Nay San and his wife take to the streets every day and are united with the people and contribute as much as they can.

Some Myanmar Railways staff are also having a hard time at this time, so the people are donating as much as they can so that they do not have to worry.

On their page, Nay San wrote their donation:

“To Toe Kyaung Ka Lay station

If the staff is very difficult, please help

I left today with a message on our page.

For employees

88 bags of Paw hsan hmwe Rice

125 cans of rice
I went and donated.

Good health to donors.

As good as equal.

Na Nge (World info Post)