The Korea-Myanmar Industrial Zone project in Hlegu will begin, said Construction Minister Han Zaw

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Phase 1 of the Korea-Myanmar Industrial Zone project in Hlegu will begin on December 24, said Construction Minister Han Zaw.

Republic of Korea Land At the 8th Global Infrastructure Cooperation Conference (GlCC 2020) hosted by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, the Ministry of Construction; Union Minister U Han Zaw said.

Minister U Han Zaw said, “The KMIC Industrial Zone project is being developed in a timely manner and the external infrastructure project to be built with EDCF loan will be completed in 2023.

International investors will be able to start implementing in KMIC Industrial Zone. Phase 1 will start on December 24, 2020. We believe that the KMIC Industrial Zone project has great potential for investors and businesses. ”

The Korea-Myanmar Industrial Zone Project (KMIC) in Hlegu Township, Yangon Division, will create about 100,000 jobs, and the Korea-Myanmar Industrial Zone Project (KMIC) is a joint venture between the Department of Urban and Housing Development and Korea’s Land and Housing Corporation.