Why do girls want to hold their boyfriend’s hand when they walk?

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Who would want to date a person who can’t even spell his name correctly? If possible, hold hands. I want to walk with my arms around my shoulders. Isn’t it? But sometimes you just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Most girls want to hold their boyfriend’s hand when they walk with him. Here are some excerpts from an article by Goodyfeed.com: Here are some reasons why they want to hold on.

(1) Feeling comfortable

Most girls feel comfortable walking with their boyfriends. It is thought that the feeling is similar to that of someone hugging you and that you can communicate your emotions.

(2) I feel secure

Girls feel more secure when they are holding hands with their boyfriends. When you are young, you can regain the security you feel when you walk with your parents in your arms.

(3) It reduces pain

Whether at work or not. Holding your loved one’s hand is one of the best ways to reduce stress at school. Once you hold your loved one’s hand, it automatically gives you new energy to move forward and allows you to easily forget the past. It has the ability to cross.

(4) I feel equal

As a girl, walking with your partner in your arms also creates a sense of equality. You must be able to do what he does. When you hold your lover’s hand, you get the feeling that you can do it with the guys that you have to be able to go as well as he did.