Keep up the good work, no matter how difficult it may be

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I imagined that the 1382 Burmese New Year would be similar to the Thingyan period of the First and Second World Wars. In some parts of the world, the intensity of war is high and long. Millions of people have died. Millions more were injured. We have experienced unimaginable suffering. The author’s maternal grandfather, who had worked hard for three years in malnutrition in Japan, died shortly after returning home after World War II.

The author’s father (father) joined the army at a young age and returned after World War II for another forty-one years. But I can no longer work hard. This is the worst experience of World War II. The Covid 19 virus, which is currently prevalent around the world, has affected as many as seven million people like World War II.

China Wuhan, which began in mid-December 2019, has now infected nearly two million people and killed more than 100,000. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Lifestyle and the global economy are becoming the main targets of this virus.

Religion Social status; Dicovic 19, which is impartial, rich and poor alike, was devastated by World War II. It is clear now that the scars have been healed for years and that the whole world must work together for decades to recover.

Governments and governments of all nations are facing the same tragedy. Companies and families are struggling to cope with the epidemic, which has become a daily occurrence. Mistakes such as wrong decisions are inevitable. On the one hand, criticisms of dissatisfaction on the one hand, and on the other hand, should not be appreciated for our sincere efforts? Emotions can gradually drift away. This is because everyone is facing unexpected stressors.

At times like these, families, Companies; Governments and international organizations can easily turn to pessimism. When the amygdala activates the brain’s sympathetic immune system, it can be negative. It is natural to view everything as a danger. But no government can solve the invisible killer Kovis 19 virus alone. Infected patients in their own country cannot be adequately treated without the help and assistance of another country.

In recent days, French President Emmanuel Macron has acknowledged that his government is not ready to deal with the virus. How interconnected is the world? There is no need to explain that we are dependent. At the same time, we can solve this epidemic problem by working together. It also says it needs to be addressed.

The world that has successfully developed vaccines for various epidemics is now beginning to see a ray of hope as people work hard for vaccines. For some patients, it may be too late, but in the long run it will be possible to overcome this.

It is important not to give up hope and optimism that the New Year naturally brings. With optimism, there is no longer a mental burden to follow health guidelines. You will also see it as a source of pride for your sacrifices.

If we can look at this problem more broadly with compassion and compassion, optimism is a truly priceless treasure of the problem and humanity. On the occasion of the Myanmar New Year, I wish everyone a happy and optimistic life with a compassionate heart. May they be geniuses who can alleviate the suffering of many.