Bidash says he is training hard to compete with Aung La Nsang

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One Cham-pionship has announced that the MMA middleweight challenge between Aung La Nsang and Victor Bidash will be held on April 21. Four MMA tournaments will be held in April in the United States, according to One. Russia’s Bydgoszcz wrote on social media that he was training hard with his teammates.

“Coach with my Akhmat Fight Team for the match against Aung La Nsang. I train hard with my teammates. Aung La is a good fighter. I have met him twice and I have learned a lot about him. “It could be one of the toughest bouts in the middleweight division,” Bydgoszcz wrote.

Aung La Nsang and Victoria Bydgoszcz have met twice during MMA, winning once each. In January 2017, Bydgoszcz defeated Aung La by a score in Indonesia, and in June 2017, Aung La defeated Bydgoszcz by a point in Myanmar, where he won the middleweight title.

Aung La Nsang and Bitdash were scheduled to compete in April 2020 by One, but the match was canceled due to Bitdash’s injury. On October 30, 2020, Aung San Suu Kyi lost to defending Dutch middleweight champion Dieter in the middleweight world title defense in Singapore, losing her title.

Aung La An San, a Kachin, lost his MMA (One Championship) middleweight title but remains a light heavyweight champion.

Aung La Nsang will have a chance to reclaim the middleweight world title only if he defeats Bidash in the next challenge.