People who eat fast food more often than not

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The findings are based on all previous studies. Previous studies have shown that people with type 2 diabetes have a higher risk of heart disease and stroke. It has been linked to heart disease.

The 2017 study also found that fried potatoes were served twice a week. People who eat more than twice a day can live almost twice as long as normal. The study, by Associate Professor Wei Bao, looked at the diets of more than 100,000 women. 50 to 79 years old The average age group of 18-year-olds was found to have an 8% increased risk of dying from heart disease and other related illnesses.

Women’s diets depend on their monthly income, Health Awareness Variations were also considered depending on the use of force. A detailed analysis under the heading Fried revealed a 13% chance of shortening the life expectancy of fried chicken. There is a 12% chance of heart disease. 7% chance of shortening life due to fried fish; There is a 13% risk of heart disease, respectively. However, no link between cancer and cancer was reported.

The main reason for the health associated with fried foods is that these foods are fried. “Fish is a heart-healthy food,” he said. It is recommended to eat daily because it is low in fat and high in nutrients. But when the fish is fried, it goes from good to bad, ”said Wei Bao. ”

So the more you eat, the better. “It hurts more than nutrition.” The study also looked at women, but the effects were the same for men.