Benefits of eating 3 bananas a day

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Today I would like to write about the benefits of eating 3 bananas a day…

1. After the age of 40, bone marrow is reduced and joint pain can occur. So eat 3 ripe bananas in the morning and at night. 2. Gastric or peptic ulcer: It is the only cancer in the world.

3. If you are stressed and depressed, eat a ripe banana. 4. Eat potassium-rich bananas daily for kidney failure.

5. Eat bananas every day to help your colon work faster… .. 6. Eat bananas daily for cataracts.

7. If you have constipation and feel hot, eat bananas every night. 8. Even if you are tired and weak, eat 3 bananas a day.

9. If you have quadriplegia, eat bananas …….

With love, Daw Khin San Yi, a teacher in Bhamo, Kachin State