Shipping technicians from China; Chinese ambassador talks about building a firewall and Chinese troops

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Chinese Ambassador to Burma Chen Ha responded to a question from local media about the current situation in Burma, the Chinese embassy said in a statement on 16 February. Transportation of technicians from China; Mr Chen Ha, China’s ambassador to Burma, denied that there was a basis for building a firewall and seeing Chinese soldiers inside the country.

Chinese Ambassador Chen Ha said, “Chinese technicians are being flown to Burma. China builds firewall with Myanmar help We have noticed reports of Chinese soldiers being seen on the streets of Burma. These statements are completely baseless. “I want to make it very clear that it is very funny.”

These planes are regular cargo flights between China and Myanmar, and have been reduced from 15-18 times daily before the outbreak to around five times daily. He said the products were exported from Myanmar to China, such as seafood. He added that the photos were edited and distributed as weapons and spices.

“We hope that such rumors will not spread again,” he said.

He hoped that all issues in Myanmar would be good and that he would not expect instability and complexity. Both sides hope that the current situation will be resolved through dialogue and negotiation and a return to a political path as soon as possible.

We also noticed that the protesters marched in front of foreign embassies based in Myanmar and international organizations based in Myanmar, including the Chinese Embassy. The response indicated that they understood their voice.