How to live and take care of your immune system?

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If the heat is too high, the immune system must be supplemented with cold. Is your luck, climate, nutrition cold? Good luck! Cold weather If it is surrounded by cold nutrition, it must be supplemented by heat, heat, heat and nourishment. A strong immune system means a balanced immune system. Many are unaware that it is balanced.

Eat eggs to drink to boost your immune system. Diabetics have a weakened immune system and are more likely to suffer. A person who is said to have a strong immune system is now more prone to heat stroke, heat stroke and heat stroke. Symptoms of hypertension: Hypothermia, hypertension, malnutrition. :

How does Tay Zaw say that he has a lot of heat? Tay Zaw’s radiant color is white.

It looks like there will be a lot of white blood cells, some snails will hatch, and a lot of whites will be hot. If you have a hot immune system, you need to supplement it with hot and cold. For example, fire extinguishers must be extinguished with water. Firefighters are better off with pressurized water (preferably cold with air-cooled air). In Myanmar, 85% of people have high temperatures. Foods that cool the heat.

Cold Calling is good for your immune system. Cold Calling is cold and sour. Humans have no more than six flavors of food. The heat is cold and sour. Increase the heat by frying. If you are really proficient in Myanmar medicine, you need to supplement the acid with sweet.

After 3 days of eating sweet and sour taste, you should eat bitter taste. When eating bitter food, do not eat slippery and hot. For example, eating bitter gourd, high blood pressure, stroke, and shipwreck can cause fever and nausea. Citizens who live in the cold season are more likely to have a weakened immune system when using hot creams. If you drive a car, you will get a high gear,

Sweet and Sour Immunity Foods (Overheated) Sweet and sour foods are sure to boost the immune system of people with hypertension, such as apricot kernels mixed with apricot kernel meat and pumpkin with chicken. If you want to have a strong immune system, you should take turns eating sweet and sour, but if you do not avoid fried foods, your immune system will not improve.

Therefore, I would like you to avoid fried foods, you should avoid space bile and geo-foods. Even boiled eggs are more immune than fried. Nowadays, if you eat long-lasting foods such as gooseberries, gooseberries and malaka, your immune system will be weakened. Eating too much spicy food can also weaken your immune system. People who drink raw milk and eat eggs will gain weight and develop diabetes, but they will not have a weakened immune system. Speaking in color. :

When you look at the colors, think about whether your eyesight is bright or not. Think of eye space as bright and colorful colors. Instead, look at the energetic blue color of the sweet and sour nutrients.

Blue, yellow, yellow, and red are the colors you use most often. Credit