A powerful headdress for the first day of Myanmar New Year

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Today is the first day of Myanmar New Year. Get rid of the bad old days ဟောင်း. In the new year, new minds, new people, new energy, With new ideas and new ideas throughout the year, with good omens and good fortune, you will be safe and prosperous. Let the business grow. You can perform a head ceremony to achieve your goals and objectives.

It is not the first day of the Myanmar New Year, but you can perform the head-washing ceremony for any reason.

When you are unlucky. When things go awry, When the economy is down. When you are in trouble, when you are in debt, When you don’t get what you need. When asteroids are bad. When you have important work goals to achieve. When taking an exam interview When you have important words to say, When it comes to sports competitions, When you are in poor health. There is also a doctor who prescribes anesthesia, but many illnesses do not go away. When you see and hear bad omens, When you have bad dreams. When traveling, etc., business, health, Finance; Social Love heart When marriage is not comfortable၊. What are you experiencing? You can make a report on the auspicious auspicious.

Min Thein Khaing (Shwe Yan Htoo Lin)