If it is located as a short vertical line under the finger

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The area owned by the rich man’s finger is Sunday. Sunday is the Sun King, and the Sun King, also known as Thurazza, means Almighty (Power) of the Earth, which means light in Chinese.

The origin of this origin begins on the path of love called the path of the heart. What does he show? He may have a good heart, be intelligent, polite, knowledgeable, and have good human qualities. He may be well-known and well-loved, and may have a loving and caring relationship with his loved ones throughout his life.

Another important thing is that even if he is experiencing various reasons for the breakup of his love life in his life, it will only make him more anxious and the effects will be even more significant. :

If he had such a path, he would have a genetically gifted genius who could do anything. Another thing would be that he would have the spiritual light of the heart and the insight of the silent senses…. :

This is health

He will help improve his cardiovascular health throughout his life. Another thing is that his old age will be good. He is above the road of his heart.
Glory will shine brightly

Ha ..

There are so many


It’s located in the realm of the sun on the realm of the sun. It stands upright in the realm of the sun on the realm of the sun.

The good-natured and loving mother-in-law, the most feared member of the inheritance community, said that he would open the room only when he came.