Men relax for the day, but …..

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Toe Ywa is a small beach village that can be reached by motorboat from Kawhmu Township through Lat Chan Khok Kone via Kunchan Kone Township. Ko Aung and a group of friends rented a car for 11,000 kyats a day for 110,000 kyats.

“You can also take photos. They said they could also relax. However, when the applause came, the police stopped cars and blocked the road, ”said Ko Aung reluctantly.

In fact, the night before the trip, I had already called Toe village to find out if I could visit. However, due to the sudden action of the local government, about five cars were turned around like them.

“Suddenly I did not know what to do. I immediately searched the internet for resorts, hoping to get somewhere. However, closed camps, The camps are open for a limited time, so it is not convenient to go there. “I could not go because I was going to a place near a palm tree because I was in Irrawaddy Division outside Rangoon Division,” he said.

So, until about 2:30 pm, they could not decide where to go, and finally they chose a flower hill from Hlegu.

“It was getting late when a flower arrived. I went to another place and climbed a flower hill to pay homage to the Buddha. It was six o’clock when I came downstairs after taking a picture, ”he said.

Ko Aung and a group of friends drove for eight hours in Rangoon Division and finally ended their pilgrimage after visiting the Pagoda on a flower hill.

“If the trip was for leisure, I would have seen the pagoda on the mountain. It is no longer the same place you set it to be. Simply put, sit on the beach and buy some seafood. What kind of beer do you drink? Take photos We intend to take a bath and return. Now I have to watch the sunset. “It’s a hassle to rent a car and come back somewhere.”

Like Ko Aung, Ma Thandar and her family had some inconveniences while traveling.

“I don’t know if it’s going to be a holiday when I go to a resort that I think is convenient on the internet Lots of people. Tent rents are also higher than they advertised. So I went to another place, ”said Ma Thandar.

Ma Moe Thu, who is considering a short trip, said some of the resorts were unfamiliar and some were not as comfortable as expected.

“I’m still planning to go now. Now I have seven friends to gather with my friends. I read the comments below the Facebook pages of the resorts of interest. “Obviously, just looking at the pictures in some places doesn’t work.”

“It’s not uncommon for a friend to call you home in the past. Now I have to stay at home. I decided to visit because the infection rate was declining. I have to ask my friend first. They only went after receiving guests. Large yard of fruit trees. It was a bit relaxing because of the variety of flowers, ”he said.

The people of Rangoon who want to travel by imagination can also visit Hmawbi, Flowers on the continent. ဒ လ၊ Twantay သန်လျင်၊ In Hlegu and other townships, people have to go to green and wet places.

Ko Aung said people in Rangoon who want to travel are increasingly interested in day-to-day resorts, but should make sure to find out where to go first. He also suggested that in addition to the resort intended as a precaution, nearby attractions should be investigated in advance.