The dreaded danger of flushing the toilet without closing the lid

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In the past, toilets were replaced by latrines that could be seen under the spout. Nowadays, with the advent of lifestyle, as well as toilets, toilets have been redesigned and designed to be healthier.

The booze toilets we are currently using are the latest to change. There is a cover. There is a systematic and clean drainage system, so it is healthy. But no matter how healthy it is, if you do not use the toilet properly, you will still be afraid of the dangers. The main thing is to flush the toilet. Most people tend to flush the toilet with the lid open rather than closing it. This is a very dangerous act.

Alvin Lai Chi-keung, an expert at the Department of Civil Engineering in Hong Kong, discovered this. If you flush water with the lid open, it can be used to flush dirty, dirty, and dirty water from the toilet. Water and air pressure carry about 80,000 germs on the toilet. In the closed room, these germs can grow up to several meters high and live for hours.

In bathrooms with attached toilets, soap and water can be spread through the germs in the dirt. Clothes Toothbrushes; It can also be attached to personal items such as razors and enter the human body. After closing the lid and flushing the toilet, leave the fan on for 20 minutes to remove 89% of the germs in the air.